Reliable and competent financial Partner for your company

Jabiru Finance AG offers services to all-size corporates, industry/services, start-ups and family offices for:

  • Part-time CFO, suitable to the size and needs of the company (incl. young/start-up companies);
  • Interim CFO (temporary assignment to fill in a sudden and unexpected vacancy in the CFO area);
  • Financial advisor and partner to CEO/CFO/Board members for all strategic and operational financial matters in the management of their company;
  • Independant Director (Board Member) for Swiss companies (set-up and development, board, supervision, shareholder representative, management).

Services are provided in German, French or English, both in the French speaking region (Suisse Romande) and in the German speaking area (Zurich – Zug – Basel – Bern).

Marc Joye is the founder of the company. He holds a Doctorate in Managerial Economics from the University of Fribourg (Switzerland). Besides academic credentials (in Rochester, USA and Sydney, Australia), he has gathered over 30 years of experience in finance, initially during 14 years in a large Swiss bank (corporate banking, credit risk, transaction structuring, compliance), subsequently during 6 years as CFO in various companies. Since 2011 he has offered consulting services (finance et management) to several small- and medium-sized corporates in Switzerland.

Managing Director : Marc Joye